Friday, May 13, 2011

1st Report Card

Over the past six months Sam has been working with some amazing therapists in order to get him caught up with other children his age. Due to his kidney damage and malnutrition he fell behind in several areas but is now catching up. He has a speech therapist, a swallowing therapist, and a physical therapist. Just recently he had an evaluation to tell us approximately where he is developmentally. There are six areas that the therapists observe - gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, language, self-help, and social/emotional. We are happy to report that he is caught us in almost all of these areas. We are still working with his gross motor skills (he's still new to walking) and his self-help skills, which entails speaking. He understands and communicates very well he just doesn't use his lips to do it. We feel no rush there. He will start when he is good and ready :)