Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cystaran: The New and FDA Approved Eye Drop

   The day has come... dun dun dun.  Sam has finally started taking hourly eye drops.  If untreated, crystals accumulate in the eyes causing photophobia and can eventually lead to blindness.  From what I've heard, the crystals feel like you have sand in your eyes.  We're starting Sam off small just so he can get used to the idea.  I prepared him for about one month before by talking about the new drops that were coming in the mail.  He seemed excited the day the package came.  I explained to him that it might feel "funny".  The drops can burn but I didn't want to tell him that and scare him.  He takes the drops six to seven times a day and doesn't seem to mind.  I don't set an alarm.  We just do them when we can... easiest medication yet.  Sam says the eye drops are his favorite.  I agree with that.  Eventually he will take them every hour he is awake.   It's a work up.

Sam gets a sticker every time he takes his eye drops.  He gets to watch a show every time he reaches the ten sticker mark.  I have been very impressed with his mad-eye-drop-taking-skillz.