Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This movie is from the day Sam started saying "daddy." We tried to catch it on film but all he would do is growl.

Here is a random selection of photos from the last couple months as well:

Here's "Sam I am" at the ward trunk-or-treat.

Here's Sam first thing in the morning. He always has great bed head, and the first thing he wants to do is read.

Whenever I ask Sam if he wants to go see Tallinn, his two-year old friend next door, he books it to the front door. Puppy love.

This is just a charming photo.


  1. Hard to believe that growl could be coming from such a sweet boy. Did his dad teach him that? Love the pics!

  2. Love the Halloween costumes! Sam looks so cute and that's the best looking Cat in the Hat I've ever seen.

  3. That growl is so funny. I watched the video with Bennett, and everytime you would say, "Say Daddy," Bennett would say, "Da." It kind of made me laugh. Sam is so cute. We would love to see you guys again sometime! The next couple months are crazy, of course, but I'll keep a playdate in mind so I can figure out where to put it on our schedule!

  4. ha ha ha ha. He seriously loves her! He wouldn't leave the poor girl alone during the lesson in nursery. Such cute kiddos :)
    I am diggin all this blog lovin. We like you guys.