Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Spiral Jetty

Promontory Point

The shore near the oil jetty
Nearby there were a couple dudes (who may or may not have been wearing clothes) taking pictures of each other in the water (not pictured).  That was pretty weird.


On the oil jetty with Drew and Andee.  Sam is trying to blind me.
Somewhere on this expedition I ripped a hole in the butt of my pants (not pictured)

So we spent a couple hours exploring the oil jetty, thinking we were on the spiral jetty, and that the spiral part was just submerged.  As we were getting ready to leave someone told us we should go check out the spiral jetty, since we'd driven all this way.  We felt pretty stupid when we realized we were only three minutes short of our destination.  When we saw the actual spiral jetty, we were pretty underwhelmed.  We decided to run out to explore it anyway, and I came within a foot of stepping on a rattlesnake, which gave me a good scare. 


  1. Gorgeous photos, Ashton! Teach me how?

  2. my favorite is the one of Sam on Stephen's shoulders. brilliant!