Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This is Halloween


A giraffe named Ollie, Samuel as Ash (Fantastic Mr. Fox), and Arial a.k.a Tallinn

Fantastic Mr. Sam

We were a fox family

Our ward had a trunk-or-treat party so we brought our bunnies to share... Bunnicula.  We handed out lots and lots of candy too.
Sam spent a lot of time hanging around the snack table.  I hope this forshadows a glorious future filled with lots of food.

Our shadow puppets!

Boo at the Zoo.  Sam always chooses the elephant to ride on.


  1. that was an awesome costume. so so love it.

  2. So many cute ideas! Absolutely love your shadow puppets. And of course love, love, love your Fantastic Mr. Sam!

  3. I love your photography, I love your house and I love your style! You guys are just so great. :) Happy Halloweeen!!
    And still so impressed you made all of your guys' costumes.

  4. Love your blog photos. It's like a magical Pottery Barn world at your house. I want to live there.