Friday, May 18, 2012

another ER visit

With two minutes to get out the door for pre-school I quickly sat Sam on the kitchen counter to put on his "water" shoes.   Unfortunately, Sam's g-tube extension slipped between the counter and the stove so when I plopped him off the counter, out popped his completely inflated button.  Ouch!  First time ever.
His button has popped out before but only when the balloon had deflated and wasn't tight enough to stay in his tummy.  Sam just stared at me and grabbed his belly like "What was that?!"  It wasn't until I told him we had to put it back in that he started crying.  I tried laying him on the bed, then the couch, put a movie on, bribed him with the movie theater, but he would not hold still.  I sat on his legs and put both my feet on his hands to get him to hold still.  I'm sure he'll be able to write many lovely memoirs of his mother after these experiences.

He would not hold still and I could not get his button back in so I told him we had to go to the hospital.  He was pretty bummed that he had to miss pre-school and I think he was pretty scared that he would get an IV at the hospital.  I asked him if he wanted to say a prayer to help him be brave and he asked me to do it.

On the way to the hospital I called the g-tube clinic and they told me to bring him to the ER.  Worst place EVER.  Luckily we were the only people there.  When the nurse called Sam's name he stood up and shouted, "No!  No way!  I don't!"  This was going to be pleasant.  After explaining to him that he was just getting vitals he quickly turned chipper, Oh, oh yeah, mom?  Okay."  After that we were quickly whisked away to the Rapid Treatment Unit (RTU) where the pediatrician could not get his button back in either.  A specialist from the g-tube clinic came and dilated his hole so that his button would fit back in.  During all this Sam looked completely miserable,  clenched every muscle, but held very still.  Afterwards he sat up and said, "We're all done.  Let's go Cafe Rio".  Well done.  You were brave, Sam.


  1. Poor little guy. That's scary! I'm glad he rebounded with thoughts of Cafe Rio :)

  2. sam has excellent taste. way to be a patient mom, ashton!

  3. You guys are all so tough and chill. Pretty much amazing the way you handle the daily challenges and crises.

  4. Oh Ashton, please call me for anything! I'm so close I could be there in a heart beat. Brave little Sam and brave mom too.

  5. Brought tears to my eyes--life is just not fair for these little ones to suffer! You are an incredible mother, Ashton!