Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pirate Treasure, Yo!

Eight reasons to be grateful for Jake and the Neverland Pirates

1) I have nine pirate books on hold at the library.
 2) Bath time is much more fun with pirate boats.
3) We make pirate soup EVERY day (Sam has been eating a lot better)
4) We're teaching Sam how to read maps.  Aye, treasure maps!
 5) I've been telling pirate stories from 7am to 7 pm.
6) Now we know exactly what Sam wants for Christmas.
7) We have another batch of songs to dance to.
 8) We're starting a new chapter book.  Peter Pan.


  1. This made me smile! Penny and I just finished listening to Peter and the Star Catchers and would highly recommend it for another chapter book! Penny and I (mostly me) really enjoyed it! I hope you all are well and enjoying this wonderful holiday season!

  2. Great idea! I read it a couple years ago and liked it so I must read it to Sam. Thank you.