Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The BFG.

The 4 month well check appt. with Dr. Ralston confirmed that Lars is HUGE for his age.  He is above the 95th percentile in length and 80th for weight.  He's our big friendly giant.  For months we have wondered if he would have eating habits similar to his brother.  Thankfully, Lars loves rice cereal and ***applesauce***.  We feel like first time parents again since we never had the "typical" baby eating experience with Sam.  We find watching children eat fascinating.  This is really fun.


  1. I know! Who would have thought that watching a kid eat applesauce could be so exciting. It was a pleasant surprise seeing Lars suck it down.

  2. Oh YAY!!!!! Go Lars! He is huge. I think he's very nearly as big as Elsie was- and definitely bigger than Bennett was at that age! He is SOO cute & yummy-looking. Hope I get to meet him one day!