Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy First Birthday!

This is a belated post because I was waiting to collect some photos. Sam's birthday was July 24, which is conveniently accompanied by the fireworks of Pioneer Day. Ashton did a "Spot" theme for the party, because Sam really likes the "Where's Spot?" pop-up book. This consisted of pancakes and garlands made of cut-out circles and pictures of Spot the dog. Sam got a truck load of booty. He got some great books, clothes and toys, toys, toys! We really liked the Wheely-Bug that Sam's great-grandma Jackie helped us purchase. He likes it too. Thanks to everyone for the gifts and for attending Sam's special day, and thanks to Maryn, Mom and Alpha for the photos!


  1. That was such a fun party. It will be hard to equal for the birthdays to follow. Of course I guess with Ashton doing the planning and decorating they will all be pretty fabulous huh? Sambo deserves it!

  2. Oh, so fun! I totally wish I could have been there--to see cute Sam, to see your beautiful new house, and to see you guys. Maybe we can plan something again...we live a lot closer now, you know! Happy One Year to Sam (sorry for the lateness).