Sunday, January 27, 2013

good things are happening: a long post

 Sam has started potty training himself.  He reminds me to set the timer for 30 minutes.  When the timer goes off, he tells me he's running to the potty.  He does it all by himself.  The drawback is that he won't wear clothes.  Only underwear.  My good friend, Allie, gave him an undershirt that he likes to wear every single day.  An undershirt is better than no shirt at all so I'm going to track down some more goatmilk undies.  Thank you, Alpha.

Sam has been eating food since early December.  Tasting. Chewing. Swallowing.  Eating.  I'd guess he's getting around 200 calories via mouth each day.   Just thinking about it makes me cry (happy tears of course).  He has been very brave.  He'll try something new almost every day with his usual side of cheese, cheese crackers, and pine nuts.  There are 222 calories in 3 tablespoons of pine nuts. Those are some expensive calories.   He has chosen some good foods to like as far as calories go.  I hope he'll like milk one day.  

On the opposite side of the spectrum.... Lars is eating six jars of baby food in a day, plus he's still nursing.  There is not a food he won't eat.  I think cystagon prepared him for that ;)

Lars has been sitting up since early December.  Life is much easier now that he can entertain himself on the floor for awhile.  Despite all our efforts, he refuses to roll over.  Not even my cell phone will entice him to move two inches.  He's a cute little/big sloth.  If he gains one more pound he's legally too large for his car seat.  He's probably already too long for it.  I suppose we'll be buying a new one very soon. 

Sam fell and skinned his knee the other day.  After I put a band-aid on him he stopped crying but sadly told me that he wished Macey would kiss it better.  From five feet away Macey stood up, walked over to Sam, and started licking his knee.  Our dog speaks English. 



  1. I love it, yay for Sam. What sweet boys

  2. Replies
    1. mine are happy to have good company in their peopleness.

  3. Beautiful!!! You have a beautiful family and your baby sloth is adorable!!

  4. You guys are so brave and I love reading your posts. Hope to actually see you in person one day, sooner and not later... xo

    1. Yes! Where are you living? Whitney and I would love to get together with you when RSV season is over.

  5. So proud of Lars and his mammoth appetite. Go Lars! And, I don't think I've ever heard of a boy potty training himself. That's remarkable. Go Sam!