Saturday, January 5, 2013

Thank you California

Who can guess what show Sam is watching?

 Our last trip to Stanford was by far the most stressful yet.  I'll spare everyone the details.  I'm sick of talking about it.  The one part that did go well though was supposed to have been the hardest... so that's good news. We arrived at Lucile Packard Medical Center at 7am for Sam to get a hep-lock IV and have his first blood draw.  We were at the hospital from 7am to 8pm so Sam could give a blood sample almost every hour.  Sam didn't even complain.  After he had his EKG he sat up and said, "I like EKG's!  EKG's are my favorite!"

Sam is fascinated with the color of his blood.  I tried to distract him from looking at it because that stuff makes me woozy but apparently he likes it. 

Sam was showing me how they take his blood.  He kept saying, "I can't even feel it!" during the process.  He was pretty happy he didn't have to be poked more than once.

Classic Lars face.

Stanford has the coolest headphones.

I looked at that clock about a million gazillion times.

The nurses at Lucile Packard Dialysis center/short stay unit were absolutely amazing.  They were kind and patient with Sam.  They took time to talk with him and ask him questions.  He was given a few different toys when he left, which made him happy.  We're very grateful to be a part of this study and Sam really looks forward to flying on airplanes but we'll be so happy when we no longer have to travel.


  1. Sam is my hero. What a brave little boy he is. I can't believe how grown up Lars is too! i love the pictures of them together. So cute!

  2. Cute pics! Sam is such a good older brother.

  3. Sam has got this two are amazing parents! And you have beautiful babies!

  4. Bennett needed to get some stitches today. We didn't even end up having to go to the hospital for them, and he didn't even get actual stitches in the end (you can read about it on my blog), and I was still barely holding it together. You are my new hero for watching Sam go through this. What a tough little guy! That big picture of Lars & Sam makes me so happy!