Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's been one of thoooooose days...

Today was one of those days where...

You wake up extra early so you can leave the house on time for Lars's scheduled lab appt. at Primary Children's Hospital.  After scraping ice off your car you drive to the lab and they don't have your order.

You clog Sam's g-tube at the hospital during medicine time and you don't have a back up extension tube.  The g-tube clinic is closed until 1pm.

You run to the hospital next door to get paper work from the pediatric nephrologist.  You run back to Primary Children's.  You reschedule Lars's lab appt. because now it's too late to do the test.

You drive home FAST to unclog Sam's tube and make sure he gets all his medicine.

You walk in the front door to be greeted by a dog with a shredded diaper in her mouth.  She has smeared excrement all over the front entry.

After cleaning up, you quickly leave the house again to drive to the dentist's office.

You are so so so so grateful for Dr. Rupp and his aMaZinG dental hygienist, Loralee, because Sam looks forward to these appts. for days before hand.   They treat him like a king and spoil him with smiles, compliments, toys, and love.  He really does love the dentist.

You're feeling really good now.  The drive home is great.

You walk in the front door and the dog has excrement-ed on your rug.  About six times.  (She has never done this before)


Today I let Sam watch SIX episodes of Curious George.  George is a very good baby-sitter.  

It has certainly been one of thoooooooooose days.

These pictures are not from one of thooooooooose days. 


  1. Ivy watched at least 3 episodes of Sesame Street today. Let's go to lunch next week on a better day.

    1. What? Are you still here? Here again? The answer is yes!

  2. Sigh. At least those days don't happen every day, right? This whole being an adult thing is sort of overrated.

  3. Remind me again why you guys wanted a dog? :) Just kidding... Sorry you had such a crummy day!

    1. hahaha. It sounds like I'm complaining but I was actually laughing when I wrote this post. It wasn't a bad day.

  4. YOU are AMAZING!I am so impressed with everything you get done and as patiently as you do. You are always great with the boys through all the hectic hours of the day.