Sunday, June 3, 2012

Best Doctor Ever ever ever evah!!!!

This is kind of a long video and probably not of much interest to you unless you have a child with kidney disease.  However, if you have a child with cystinosis, then I highly recommend it.  It's a fabulous lecture and very informative.  We love this doctor.
Sam gets to see Dr. Grimm in about one week.  He remembers how Dr. Grimm checked Curious George's eyes and listened to Curious George's heartbeat with his stethoscope at our last visit.  That won Sam over.  When we ask him who his Stanford doctor is he'll say, "kidney doctor", then place his hands over his kidneys and pretend to eat one.  I have no idea why he pretends to eat his kidneys.  Kidney beans?  He has such a sense of humor.


  1. Very interesting! Its crazy that cystinuria is so different when both disorders originate in similar ways... Maybe not, but it sounded similar in the beginning to me :)