Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm Eugene. You're Tangled.

Sam took ten sips of boost in order to watch the movie Tangled on Friday night.  All weekend long he has insisted that I call him Eugene and his baby doll is "baby Doo-gene".  He escorted me (Rapunzel/ Tangled) to my doctor appointment on Monday with Pascal, the chameleon, on his shoulder and an ikea child size frying pan in his hand.  The frying pan seemed like a better alternative to carrying a sword around.  The doctor said it was the most unique toy she has ever seen a child bring to the office.  It was all fun and games until this morning when he used the pan to whack the lamp plug out of the socket causing sparks to fly and leaving his frying pan scorched at the edges.   He seemed rather "shocked" after the incident.  We're all happy to be alive today.


  1. I love this! What a creative little guy.

  2. One of the many adventures of Sam, who, along with his two cousins, Nicholas and Peter, keeps us entertained!

  3. Hahaha this totally made me giggle and I hope you got a picture of him carrying the frying pan around :)