Sunday, June 24, 2012

Meet the Babies

There is a complicated and possibly arbitrary algorithm known only to Sam by which he chooses his most trusted companions.  These friends become close members of an elite entourage that have to accompany Sam just about everywhere he goes.  You never know who is going to make the cut, but they all have one thing in common.  They are all beanie babies, which is appropriate, since Sam refers to this bunch as "My Babies."

Meet Annie, the leader of "The Babies."  Annie was formerly known as "Baby Dog," and she has been around longer than all the others.  She joined Sam's side on a trip to Hurricane in the summer of 2011.  Nick Worwood generously gifted Annie to Samuel, even though the dog didn't belong to him.  Annie was Jared Worwood's property, but after some wise advice from Dr. Danny, Jared gave the transaction his blessing.  I thought it was a very nice gesture by Nick, but I didn't fathom how attached Sam would become to this spotted puppy.  She has survived many episodes of vomiting, many rides through the washing machine, and at least 10 airplane rides.

Baby Elephant (pronounced Baby Dornit) was the next baby to join Sam's club of friends.  He came from the Bountiful collection, around the time Sam was still obsessed with elephants, making elephant sounds, and watching "Born to Be Wild" at the Clark Planetarium.  Sam often shows Baby Elephant how to play soccer and march.  He has joined Annie on every trip to Stanford so far.
Bagheera, more commonly referred to as "Gheera" was the third member to be inducted into "The Babies."  This sleek black panther seems to drop in and out, much like his wild relatives.  Sam is often content with the original duo Annie and Baby Elephant, but when he needs strength in numbers, Bagheera is an able and willing body, and a good friend to have around.

Pascal joined the crew fairly recently, during one of Sam's "Tangled" binges.  Pascal accompanies Sam when he has assumed his Eugene alter-ego, and Sam frequently deploys him to sit on Ashton's shoulder, transforming her into "Princess Tangled."  Pascal is a much sweeter friend than his namesake, and is often requested at nap time.
Bobby is the newest member of "The Babies."  He was a gift from a nurse at Stanford.  Sam had to go without Henry last time, and although he was brave, the blood draw and urine bag were very distressing to him.  Bobby rushed to Sam's side when he was in his time of need, earning him a privileged spot in Sam's inner circle.  Sam named him Bobby after I suggested several options, all of which Sam shot down.  The last name I suggested was Bobby, to which Sam scowled and flatly said, "No."  "Then what's his name?" I asked.  "Bobby," Sam replied.  And it stuck.


  1. Sounds like Sam has all kinds of good buddies.

  2. that kid killllls me!!!
    love your guys' story telling skills. seriously.