Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

Let's Play EKG!!!

We've made two successful trips to Stanford so far and we have three more to go.  Sam actually enjoys these hospital visits because he gets to see his other friends with cystinosis.  Every time we go he has an EKG at the children's hospital, which makes him a little nervous.  Luckily, Sam's friend, Hank Sturgis, is a great pal and helps Sam be brave.  We've been practicing at home too. 

Baby dog, a.k.a. Annie, gets to do everything Sam does.

Sam gives kind words of encouragement and kisses to Annie

Sam's last two EKGs have come back abnormal so a cardiologist at Stanford recommended he have an echocardiogram this month.  He'll be sedated so we don't have to prep him for this procedure but we will for his IV.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Library Repeats

We've taken advantage of the fact that we have such an amazing library near our home.  Sam LOVES the library.  He still associates it with bee stings but is still excited to visit anyway.  He's so loud when we go though so we're still working on quiet voices.  If he sees the books pictured above he goes monkey wild and can't put them down.  We've checked them each out many times and there will be many more times to come.

Sam's speech therapist says books are great for speech developement.  We read a minimun of three hours a day and we are FINALLY seeing results.  Sam is talking like crazy... only Stephen and I can understand him at this point though.  He knows exactly what he wants to say but almost everything seems to start with the letter "D"... 
dank you
dase ball dat
dasdet ball
det's doe